About Shrine

The church just started with its 30 families, as years had passed the grace and mercy of Infant Jesus has brought in more than 424 families.

Our Story

In the magnificent state of Tamil Nadu is the pleasantly warm Coimbatore enriched by its Kongu Tamil, lies the greeny, fresh Kovaipudur with its beautiful Infant Jesus shrine, a very popular religious attraction in the city.

During the year 1975, a very few Christian families were inhabitants of the place. Two priests from the Madukkarai Parish Rev. Fr. Maria Nathar and Rev. Fr. Louis Pitchai celebrated mass for these people at a local building on all Sundays at 5:30 pm.

Rev. Fr. Kulaindairaj

Rev. Fr. Kulaindairaj

Rev. Fr. Kulaindairaj, was then the Parish priest of the Madukarai parish and the former Vicar General of the Coimbatore diocese executed the celebration of masses and the Holy Sacraments which were performed at the residence of a localite Mr. Singaravelu.

Most Rev. Dr. Ambrose

Most Rev. Dr. Ambrose

During the period of our former Bishop Most Rev. Dr. Ambrose in the year 1982-83, the Infant Jesus statue was erected following a great and grand procession ceremony, proceedings starting from the Bishop’s house to the designated place, Infant Jesus shrine, Kovaipudur.

Then after Rev. Fr. Kulandairaj celebrated the Sunday masses at 10am every week and with his initiatives, two acres of land was purchased. A bore-well was fixed and a water tank constructed. Moreover, the people in that area were provided with free supply of water.

On 19.2.1984, the church was constructed & roofed with asbestos and on the same day our former Bishop. Most. Rev. Dr. Ambrose laid the foundation stone for the new church. From that day on the mass were celebrated on all Fridays.

1st Novena & Church Feast

On Thursday, the 15th of August 1985, the first novena was started. On every Thursday evening a Holy mass was celebrated at 6pm followed by the novena and procession of the Infant Jesus statue took around the Church and was concluded with the Eucharistic blessing.

On the 14th day of January 1986 the first ever grand & solemn Feast and procession ceremony of Infant Jesus proceeded along the main streets of Kovaipudur in an organized manner where people paid their respects and seeked their blessings in a formal manner.


In-spite of the scarce population of the christian community at Kovaipudur, the gifts of love, faith and spirituality brought in numerous people to the church. Innumerable miracles attributed to the increasing popularity of the shrine. Devotees came in hundred folds and to quench their spiritual thirst, then was when the church was completed of its construction.

Like how the pearl becomes precious when extracted from the Oyster and the grain of rice from its husk when sowed, benefits others, similarly the Infant Jesus church was officially announced as an established parish by our former Bishop Most. Rev. Dr. Ambrose, effective from the 4th day of June,1987.

Rev. Fr. P. Irudhayaraj, took charge as the first Parish priest of the parish and furnished his services so as to serve the growing hundreds of devotees swarming with the quest to seek the presence of the Lord, to receive the Body of Christ and to attain spiritual wisdom. Thereafter on all Thursdays masses were offered at 11:30 am and then at 4:30 and 6:30 pm followed by novena, procession, Eucharistic adoration and blessings.

Sincere prayers and dedicated efforts turns our thoughtful dreams into the reality goals. As of the efforts taken by the Parish Priest Rev. Fr. P. Irudhayaraj the church bell was blessed on 8.1.1993 and the bell tower foundation stone was laid on 2.12.1993. Later on 8.12.1994, our Former Bishop Most. Rev. Dr. Ambrose presided over the opening ceremony and blessing of the bell tower and a book was released by him on the same. In the upcoming years the church flourished with the enrichment of the increased number of devotees, its miracles, its testimonials and winged its fame as to this day stands the shrine.

Rev. Fr. P. Irudhayaraj

Rev. Fr. P. Irudhayaraj

Parish Priest 1987 - 95


Rev. Fr. Lourdu Irudhayaraj

Rev. Fr. Lourdu Irudhayaraj

Parish Priest - 1995 - 1999


On June, 1995 Rev Fr. Lourdu Irudhayaraj took his charge as the Parish priest of the Kovaipudur church. During his period, to accommodate the uncontrollable swarms of devotees, a huge church hall was built adjacent to the church imitating the architectural style of the existing church, Presbytery, guest rooms, adoration hall, our Lady of Lourdes Grotto, Infant Jesus Grotto at the entrance of the church campus and a religious sales center was installed.

The highlighted specialty of the church lies the devotees from other religions, caste and creed visit the shrine attaining the grace of Infant Jesus and moreover indulge themselves as active participants in church activities like decorations and exhibit their immense pleasure by being a part of the church routines during festival seasons.

Rev.Fr. M. George Dhanasekar

Rev.Fr. M. George Dhanasekar

Parish Priest 2002 - 2007


On 4th June, 2002 Rev.Fr. M. George Dhanasekar took his charge as the Parish priest of the church and venerated the Calvary Grotto presided by the ceremonial blessing of our Bishop Most. Rev. Dr. L. Thomas Aquinas. He also constructed a shed which created ease for the devotees to have their food and tonsure center for the devotees to fulfill their petitions.

A Cradle Grotto (Thottil Gebbie) was built and the 14 stations of the cross were laid at the shrine.

 Rev. Fr. Arokiaraj Stephen

Rev. Fr. Arokiaraj Stephen

Parish Priest 2007 - 2012

On the 4th of June, 2007 Rev. Fr. Arokiaraj Stephen took charge as the Parish priest. The basic needs of the devotees, amenities like toilets, bathrooms with solar water supplies and other modern advancements were implemented. On remembrance of the Silver Jubilee year celebrations of the shrine in 2012, an arch was established at the entrance, the church hall was renovated and a latest flag pole was installed.

Retired .Rev.Fr .Pius Saverimuthu

Spiritual Director 2012 -

Retired .Rev.Fr .Pius Saverimuthu serves till date as  the spiritual Director to the devotees and the parish people.

Fr. John Joseph Stannis

Fr. John Joseph Stannis

Parish Priest 2012 - 2014

Later from the 4th of June, 2012 Rev. Fr. John Joseph Stannis brought into implementation of the mass at 6:30 am on all Thursdays which inspired and satisfied the office going devotees and remained a boon till date. He also laid pavers block all over the church campus during his period which added elegance to the church ambience.

Fr. Victor Antonyraj

Parish Priest 2014 -

Then-after Rev. Fr. Victor Antonyraj took his charge as the parish priest from 28th May 2014 and till the date serves as the same.

By the grace of our Infant Jesus, Holy masses at 6:30 am, 11:30 am, 4:30 pm & 6:15 pm takes place graciously on all Thursdays.

The testimonial sessions during Thursdays melts the hearts of the devotees attributing to the realization in each one ‘s mind, the unconditional love of Infant Jesus.